America Demands  by Shirley Tucker

America Demands by Shirley Tucker

Bid No: 414

Starting Bid: STARTING BID: $360.00 / Original Art Value $900.00

Media: Acrylic Painting

Size: 8.5 x 11

  • Artist Statement

    Scenes from protest, riots across the U. S. after killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Oregon District shooting, and COVID-19, are events affecting our community. The driving force behind my portrait is an inspirational way embraced with bright bold colors. Three individuals affected by society emotional reactions. Like a butterfly who wings carry a beauty that is unique. The tree of life rooted up right in the heart of our city. Colors of the U.S. flag incorporated with South Africa colors represent pride, pigmentation, and race.

  • Artist Bio

    We can dream, become inspired, empowered, and valued. Learning to reach beyond the foundation of who we are, and how we can stand together in Unity. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 1989 from Wright State University. I am currently the Montgomery County Juvenile Court’s art facilitator with the Helping Adolescents Achieving Long-Term Objectives (HAALO) program. I am also the creator of the Juvenile Court Probation Services, Saturday Art Group (SAG).

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