One Love by BK Elias

One Love by BK Elias

Bid No: 419

STARTING BID: $260.00       /     Original Art Value $650.00

Media: Acrylic Painting


  • Artist Statement

    I intend for others to experience Intrigue and joy  when  they  see my work..

  • Artist Bio

    BK is a visual arts painter, art educator and public muralist. Most of his creative artwork is from Dayton, Ohio. Elias dabbles in between realism/ social realism, abstract, and non-objective as focus points. Specializing in painting, BK also enjoys working with pencil.

    Elias began drawing and painting at age 10. To advance his skill, BK took after-school and weekend classes at K12 Gallery and  TEJAS. He  advanced his skills as a student at Stivers School for the Arts and lessons under

    the tutelage of local professional artists. His greatest influencers that motivate his artwork are the local artists- Scott Gibbs, Bing Davis, Morris Howard and James Pate.

    From there, BK began  painting  murals  for  K12. In  all, he has painted 14 local murals-most notably the Riverscape mural by artist Amy Deal.

    His most recent mural, where he served as lead muralist, is at the youth organization, Victory Project in Dayton, Ohio. When not painting murals, BK teaches art classes at K12 Gallery and juvenile centers for youth.


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