Muglass by Simeon Oyeyemi

Muglass by Simeon Oyeyemi

Bid No: 413

STARTING BID: $280.00       /     Original Art Value $700.00

Media: Oil pastel, charcoal on paper

Size: 18x24 in- 28.5x32in framed

  • Artist Statement

    Excited to be included in United Way’s virtual auction, my mind began to race when I read the submission subject. I was inspired to create and/or finish my three selections based on: Unity, Equity, Justice, Harmony and Peace. The influences on my thinking about the subject are as followed based on submission: Muglass 3 -Fredrick Douglass, Hopeless- traditional African Art , and Truck Burner -Aerosol Art Culture. All three pieces represent the struggles of African Americans over three different eras and stages in black evolution.

  • Artist Bio

    Prince Simeon Oyeyemi is a Dayton, Ohio born Nigerian Royal. A Graduate of Central State University, Simeon has a B.A. in fine arts specializing in Oil (see Submission: Hopeless Hope) and Charcoal (see submission: Mugglas 3) within Honors Thesis in Logo Design & 3D animation. As a child he lived in NY where along with his friend Jean Michael Basquiat, he painted Graffiti; this influence is displayed in TRUCK BURNER (a submission piece). Simeon currently lives as Freelance Artist/ Educator / Producer. Since beginning as an artist in 1982, has had a run of mainstream work from BEATSTREET the movie (“84) to background work on America’s Next Top Model (2010’s).

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