COVID-19 THE LOCKDOWN  by Horace Dozier, Sr.

COVID-19 THE LOCKDOWN by Horace Dozier, Sr.

Bid No. 411
STARTING BID: $250.00 / Original Art Value $625.00
Media: Color Photographic Rendering
Size: 27 x 23.4x2

SKU: 0002
  • Artist Statement

    Acting on advice from Ohio's Department of Health director Amy Acton, Governor Mike DeWine declared a state of emergency on March 9. At this point, Ohio had only 3 confirmed cases and no deaths yet. Dr. Acton issued a stay-at-home order effective March 23. A lockdown is an order from a government authority to restrict movements of a population as a mass quarantine strategy for suppressing, or mitigating, an epidemic, or pandemic, by ordering residents to stay home except for essential tasks or to work in essential businesses. The resulting Image was made to show the absence of people in Dayton, Ohio’s normally remarkably busy downtown Oregon District. (I guess the Geese are wondering the same thing).

  • Artist Bio

    Dayton native and professional photographer for over 40 years, Horace’s photography experience covers an extensive background in photojournalism, still photography, and digital preservation. Horace, in addition, specializes in the art of photography through various venues i.e. local media events, environmental portraiture, and aerial photography. He is presently the editor and head photographer for the “Dayton Times Magazine” published locally by Vtechgraphics LLC.  


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